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I sometimes just download games that look interesting to me and I must say this is such a lovely Fangame!

The worlds are beautiful, the atmosphere is great and I just love how strangely peaceful it is.

One can tell that so much heart went into this and I really ended up getting all effects orz Only thing I have yet to find are the events!

Definitely for me a 10/10 easily!

Some quick Walking

I have a question: Does this game have an ending.

Hello! It doesn't have an ending as of now.

Oh, ok I hope you finished it.


Just played through this- beautiful worlds and the ambience is wonderful. You all really put a lot of hard work into this. I might suggest that you make the outlines a little darker in the green world- the colors are all light and it's hard to tell the different pieces of scenery apart from each other. Aside from that though, it's beautiful and you're managing to make a good Yume Nikki fangame that manages to capture the same atmosphere while minimizing the amount of empty, uninteresting space. 

So amazing! Absolutely gorgeous art and soundtrack, loved exploring the areas and noticing cool details here and there. Can't wait for more content!

Great fangame! The (mostly) peaceful atmosphere from the game is a nice change of pace. Every map felt interesting and well designed. It wasn’t too difficult to navigate any of the maps as well. The music and sound effects were well done. I love how you can grasp a bit of a story and themes through purely the visuals alone. (Much like the original game.) I was able to find only 5 of the effects so far but I’ll definitely go back and re-explore the game again! It was a great experience! Looking forward to a fully completed version.


Thank you so so much for playing!! We watched the whole playthrough, and we're very glad you enjoyed it so much!! :'D

(About the install thing, it's mostly because of how RPG Maker VX Ace creates project builds (compressing the project into an .exe file that then has to be extracted into a folder of choice). We could instead make a .zip file of the already extracted folder from the .exe, at least that would cut a step! There might be some scripts and stuff that could help with this, so we'll take a note to look into it for next version!)

liking the game!

Yay, thank you so much for playing! We're really glad you like it. :'D

Amazing. It has a different vibe from the original game, it has a more modern and peaceful feel to it, the scenarios are very unique and creative and it is overall really fun. Once again, Amazing.


Thank you so much!! We're really glad you enjoyed it! That's the vibe we were going for, so we're glad to hear that! We'll do our best to keep it up in future updates. :')

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Love this modern spin on Yume Nikki! As a fan of Yume Nikki this really does the game some justice! I hope to see more added on to this :D.

The music also gives me the classic Yume Nikki vibes! Great job on the soundtrack as well!

Thank you so much!! We're really glad you enjoyed it so far! :'D

The music is mostly from freesound ambient loops by various different artists (all listed in the readme file in the game folder), we really enjoy looking around for the most fitting ones!

Each area has such a good vibe! I love the sprites!


Thank you so much!! We like to put a lot of care in the ambience of each place so we're really glad you like them! :'D


Im happy someone is continuing the legacy of Yume Nikki

Yay, we're glad you're glad! Fortunately, there are so many fangames, so its legacy really is living long :')

The game's quite interesting. I like all the graphic that features, like the map and the NPCs.

Also, your OST is very calm and soothing... ^_^

Playing this game is pretty relaxing to me. I'll look forward to see further update for the game. ^w^

Thank you so much!! This is a late reply, but we're really glad you enjoy it and find it relaxing! We hope to bring more interesting areas and characters in the future updates! :'D


I'm so glad to see this updated. The 0.00 build left a big impact and I was really disappointed when it started to look like it was abandoned.

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Thank you so much!! We're very glad! It might take us a long time, but we really plan on keeping at it! :')


So cool! I love the story

Thank you!! We hope to add more details on the background story on future updates :')

Absolutely in love with this!

Thank you!! We apologize for the late reply, but we're really glad to hear it! ♡

Mind if I ask you something?

Oh, go ahead! Feel free to ask.

Would like to see this ported over to RPG Maker MV?

Thank you very much for the offer, but not for now, at least! This game is in a very early stage after all, plus we think that it works fine in VX Ace as is.

Well up to you. If you want to in the future, just hit me up ^^

Thank you so much!! We'll keep it in mind! :')

I've played a lot of Yume Nikki fangames and this one really stood out. It's beautiful and the worlds you've all created are so atmospheric and soothing, gorgeous!! I'm looking forward to seeing more because what you have here is already great!

Thank you so so much!! This is one of the best things we could hope to hear, we're very glad you enjoyed the atmosphere!
We might take a while to update, but we're really looking forward to showing more of these worlds. :')

Hi, I really liked your game!
and I would like my Spanish speaking community to know it, that's why I would like to ask for your permission to translate it into Spanish.


Hello! Thank you so much, we're glad to hear that!!

Actually, the three of us are Spanish-speakers as well! We had thought about translating it but since there isn't that much text to begin with apart from the instructions and effects, we didn't deem it very necessary. If people want a translation anyways, we ourselves can look into it! Thank you very much for your offer anyways, we really appreciate it!

Thank you very much, n_n

This was fantastic! I loved the atmosphere in each of the areas, they were all very unique. I can't wait for more to explore!

Thank you so much!! We really wanted to focus on atmosphere so this is one of the best things we could hope to hear! We'll do our best to bring all of our new ideas into the game. :'D

Hi, I just wanted to say that I'm really excited for this to be finished. I think that the artistic direction it seems like you're going has a lot of potential, and I'm already seeing a lot of interesting potential for the plot, as well. If this  ever gets finished it could easily be one of my favorite Yume Nikki fangames. Keep up the good work!

Thank you so much!! We're extremely touched to hear that!! ;v;

We have plans for a lot of new areas and are excited to continue as soon as we can! We definitely want to give this project an ending and make it the best we can. Thanks a lot!!